The Hope and Life School (Escola Esperança e Vida) is located in Ouro Fino, Minas Gerais, Brazil, about 100 miles north of São Paulo. The project functions as a foster home for abandoned, abused, and at-risk children. The children live in two homes, and get the chance to study, play music, do art projects, learn about computers, eat well-balanced meals, play games and sports, and most importantly, receive the love of caring house parents. Since 1995, the program has been led by David E. Davis, an engineer who studied at Clemson University and worked with NASA. Instead of continuing in the aerospace field, David decided to dedicate his life to helping children in need, and chose Brazil as the place to start a project. He not only developed the site and has taken care of children and trained leaders for the past sixteen years, he has also had a crucial role in fostering positive relations with the local Brazilian government in Ouro Fino.

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