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I have the wonderful opportunity to teach a group of university students Spanish over nine weeks this summer in San José, Costa Rica. We are not only learning vocabulary and how to communicate in Spanish, but also interesting aspects of Latin American and Costa Rican culture. I am happy to say that the students are not only learning a lot of language, but even more importantly they are finding out how to relate to people from a different culture. As a humanitarian photographer, I am always looking for ways to show cultures in a positive way. During our time here, I have taken a limited amount of photos, but would like to share a few impressions of Costa Rica up to this point from our trip. It is hard not to appreciate the physical beauty of the country (the green, lush landscapes, the incredible wildlife, bright colors, biodiversity etc.), but I consider even more remarkable the warmth and kindness of the Costa Rican people. My hope is that the group would continue to learn Spanish while breaking down stereotypes of what they thought Latin America would be like. So, here are a few photos from our time so far. ¡Pura vida!