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I am really happy to be heading to Guatemala this April as part of a team of bloggers with Lemonade International, an organization that works in the largest urban slum in Central America called La Limonada. I have the honor to be going as the group’s photographer, and will be documenting the organization’s amazing work at its two schools in the neighborhood and also other vital programs. I feel very blessed to have the chance to go with the group, and I look forward to connecting with people in Guatemala, the bloggers in the group, and also sharing some of the highlights of the program. My goal is to share photos that capture the beauty and culture of Guatemala, while at the same time sharing the need to help with the ongoing work in La Limonada. I was first introduced to this organization when I watched the documentary titled Reparando by director Scott Owen Moore at Athentikos. This moving story shows the hard reality of life in Guatemala, while at the same time offering hope and encouragement concerning the future, with a large dose of God’s grace and love. It is well worth checking out and watching, especially if you are planning a trip to Central America (it gives quite a bit of background and history of the region as well). I have lived in Guatemala for extended periods of time, and I actually met my wonderful wife Veronica there. I have a connection with this country that runs deep, so I am especially interested in learning about the work of Lemonade International and sharing both the hope and concerns that the people at La Limonada face. Would you join me as I start this adventure to learn more about the people of Guatemala and this very special neighborhood, and how you might be a part of this amazing work in the future? We will be posting updates on Twitter using the hashtag #LIbloggers. Feel free to connect with Lemonade International as well @lemonadeintl and with me @scottmbennett Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to hearing from you! May God’s grace, solidarity and peace be with you!


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